As part of the original Inherit the Nations project, started in December 2015, sixty six pairing were initiated within the first month or two.  

Although it wasn’t always able to get written testimonies, we were recognizing new breakthroughs in most of them during the time of their partnership.

“It’s pretty slippery to take credit for results of prayer because actually God inspires us to prayer and empowers us to pray and He inspires the workers and enables them to bring fruit by His Spirit. So it’s God who gets the credit in any case. But He does choose to work through faithful pray-ers and John 15 clearly says unless we abide in Him, we can do NOTHING. So I’m guessing if something is happening, someone is abiding, and someone is praying….”  ~ Liz Adleta
Please use these testimonies for Glorifying God but also for encouragement as you embark on praying for a Group/Place or pairing with a prayer group as a team working in the field.