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Communities of Prayer joining with Field Teams
on behalf of the Unreached for a Year of joint, focussed prayer.

Over the past decades thousands of unreached people have been engaged with new mission efforts for the very first time.  There is much to be thankful for.


The uncomfortable reality is that missions and church planting as usual will not get us to the goal of reaching all people and providing access to every person.

In recent years, the Global Prayer Movement has become more and more aligned with Global Missions.  We all want to see “the gospel of the Kingdom preached to all nations.”  And yet, there are still over 7000 specific people groups – nearly 3 billion people – who have not even had a chance to hear about Jesus!

Mission begins in Prayer!  Jesus says, “Ask the Lord of the Harvest to thrust forth laborers into the Harvest field.”
It is clear that one major reason for the upsurge of prayer in the Church at this time is to pray in this great harvest of souls and of nations.  Joining hands for the 3 billion who haven’t heard the gospel is worthy of our best, united efforts!

Leaders who have catalyzed over 600 Church Planting Movements worldwide as well as leaders in the Prayer Movement are coming together under the umbrella of 24:14.  This new coalition does not replace what each group is already doing.  It simply adds the strengths of each organization to every other one who share the common commitments and goals of the 24:14 coalition. 

The goal of 24:24 is to foster movements of discipleship and church planting in every unreached people group by 2025.