The key to finishing the task of world evangelization is the fostering of movements to Christ within every people and region on earth until there is No Place Left where the gospel is not available.
~ Rick Wood

Through prayer, the 24:14 Coalition felt God gave us a deadline to increase urgency to reach the Unreached;  We aim to engage every unreached people and place with an effective kingdom movement (CPM) strategy by 31 December 2018. 

You may say: “I am already working for the Harvest in my focal group……”


Missions and Church Planting as usual will not get us to the goal of reaching all people and providing access to every person. 

The first step in reaching this deadline is PRAYER that God would thrust forth laborers to bring them the gospel.  Matt 9:37 – 38. 
David says it another way:  “Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance……” Psalm 2:8

Apply to be matched with a specific prayer community as your valued team member and include them in sharing your heart for your UPG, how they can pray toward seeing movements, and what God is doing and wants to do among them.

Commit to Communicate weekly or bi-weekly to develop a close working relationship focused on your focal group(s).

Receive from your partner prayer community their words and impressions from the Lord as they’ve prayed for your unreached people group/place and consider how God may be speaking through them to you. The close connection and specific communications goes beyond what would typically be shared in a missionary prayer letter.

Expect a harvest and prepare for God to work as you join hands asking for the nations as your inheritance!

Field teams are to be considering their prayer community as a team member, so their communications would indicate the field assessment of what they are hearing God instruct for weekly directions to their team, what the spiritual blockages may be, and be listening for how God is moving so that their prayer communities are in sync with their efforts. Like the “air war” and the “ground war” coordinating together.