24:14 Inherit the Nations

"The Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come" Matthew 24:14

24:14 is a Global Coalition praying and working together to start Kingdom movement engagements in every Unreached People and Place by 2025.

24:14 Inherit the Nations

Communities of Prayer joining with Field Teams on behalf of the 
Unreached Groups/Places for a Year of Joint, focused effort



  • Apply to be matched with a specific unreached people group/place and a representative of a field team working there.
  • Pray at least one hour weekly as a community for your specific unreached people/place, recording how God is leading you to pray and any sense you receive from the Lord regarding this effort to share with your partner field team weekly of bi-weekly.
  • Communicate weekly or bi-weekly:  Receive from your partner field team weekly or bi-weekly prayer, praise, and progress reports and share with your team your prayers and words form the Lord for your unreached people/place.
  • Be sure you each have a personal intercessory team for your own prayer cover and expect God to respond!
  • Apply to be matched with a specific prayer community as your valued team member and include them in sharing your heart for your UPG, how they can pray toward seeing movements, and what God is doing and wants to do among them.
  • Communicate weekly or bi-weekly:  Receive from your partner prayer community their words impressions from the Lord as they’ve prayed for your unreached people group/place and consider how God may be speaking through them to you.
  • Expect a harvest and prepare for God to work as you join hands asking for the nations as your inheritance!